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Here is a picture of John Schaffne holding his World War 2 uniform.  Check out his story.

Here is a World War 1 Tanker's Uniform.  


Here is one of our newest uniforms in the Museum.  It is from a friend of mine who passed away.  He was in the 46th Special Operations Company in Thailand in 1968.  Everything is his including a rig he had made in Thailand.

20230517_103016 (1)_edited.jpg

These are pictures from World War 1.  It seems that they are so young but this soldier looks younger than 18!  His name is lost to history!  This is why we have to save our history one piece at a time!!


Here is an interesting story.  We were given two helmet from World War One.  The first is a German Camouflaged Helmet and the other is a U.S. Helmet.  If you look closely at the U.S. Helmet you can see that the image is of the 77th Division with the Statue of Liberty!  The 77th was ordered to attack the  Argonne Forest but was cutoff by the Germans.  The "Lost Battalion" as they were called walked in the  Argonne Forest with over 500 soldiers, only 194 walked out unscathed. The rest were killed, missing, captured, or wounded.   If these helmets could talk, what would they say?  It is still strange that they came together and will stay together!

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